release cycles

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about the release model of “one major release, one minor release a month”, and about how websites have traditionally been on a “release ten times a day, who cares?” schedule. I was wondering if there was any proof one was bettar than the other.

And it crossed my mind that Google, traditionally a web comapny, stepped into the “we release binaries” market a long time ago, but with Chrome they stepped up their game bigtime: Chrome seems to release new versions so quickly I’ve never been able to keep track of the version numbers. Indeedle, the version numbers in Chrome don’t really mean much at all. Firefox is now on the same kind of release model.

I’m wondering if this is like distributed source control; we’ve just seen the first couple of big products to adopt a completely different way of viewing a traditional process, but it’ll take the rest of the world a few years to notice that it’s more than a flash in the pan.

Author: jamandbees

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