Ellen Allien — Sehnsucht

Such a brilliant song.

The world’s moving by slowly, quietly. I’ve been spending my spare time mostly reading:

introducing html5, part of a series which, the publisher assures, is written by “voices that matter”. Quite what that means, I don’t know, but it’s a surprisingly fun book to wander through.
Beginning Visual C++ 2010. Visual Studio is a big mammoth of a tool, C++ is a big mammoth of a language. Together at last, I guess: seems like every page has a dozhundred things to remember, and I’m not even out of the chapters that are mostly concerned with the grammar and structures of C yet. Bloody ‘ell.
Javascript and Ajax, a part of the Visual Quickstart series of books. Surprisingly accessible, even downright funny at times. What’s with teh current trend of writing programming books that tickle you pink?

Still, my hope is that one day I’ll be some kind of lean, mean fighting machine on the web and desktop. Just give me ten years, I’ll get there. In the meantime: longing.

Author: jamandbees

There's just this whole, like, wha? Out there in the world, y'know? The jam and the bees, please.

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