How to join an open source project

I’ve been wanting to sharpen my edge against an open source project recently. Specifically, my C++ edge.

As such, I’ve started working in on libreoffice. How I decided on libreoffice? I wanted a C++ project, and knew it was written in C++.

So, how did I get started? I went to the libreoffice website and there was a big link to the developers’ section on the front page. I followed the instructions there, downloaded the code, followed the instructions for building it, and then started looking for the bug list. Libreoffice has, very awesomely, a section on their developers’ site called Easy Hacks, which is where I started.

I assigned a bug from bugzilla to myself, and now I’m setting myself up with a bit of a unit-testing framework. We’ll see how it goes…

Author: jamandbees

There's just this whole, like, wha? Out there in the world, y'know? The jam and the bees, please.

One thought on “How to join an open source project”

  1. blah, blah, blah open soure…blah, blah, hacks, blah…
    Friend, I vaguely follow you here, but I appreciate you stopping by my place this morning to leave a note.

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