How to join an open source project

I’ve been wanting to sharpen my edge against an open source project recently. Specifically, my C++ edge.

As such, I’ve started working in on libreoffice. How I decided on libreoffice? I wanted a C++ project, and knew it was written in C++.

So, how did I get started? I went to the libreoffice website and there was a big link to the developers’ section on the front page. I followed the instructions there, downloaded the code, followed the instructions for building it, and then started looking for the bug list. Libreoffice has, very awesomely, a section on their developers’ site called Easy Hacks, which is where I started.

I assigned a bug from bugzilla to myself, and now I’m setting myself up with a bit of a unit-testing framework. We’ll see how it goes…

One thought on “How to join an open source project

  1. blah, blah, blah open soure…blah, blah, hacks, blah…
    Friend, I vaguely follow you here, but I appreciate you stopping by my place this morning to leave a note.

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