Integration Testing Subdomains In Rails

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this. The tl;dr summary is that this rails commit claims that the reason this is hard “stems from the fact that subdomain is defined in ActionDispatch:Request and the test session uses Rack::Request”. The solution was to “Extend assert_recognizes and assert_generates to support passing full urls as the path argument. This allows testing of routing constraints such as subdomain and host within functional tests.”

So your code should read as:

describe "GET /index_exists" do
 it "works! (now write some real specs)" do
 get ""
 response.status.should be(200)

So that’s a solution. Let’s talk about the problems. If you search for rails integration test subdomains, the first link is for a stackoverflow question and answer that suggests the following:

def setup
 host! "" 

When I try this, I get:

No route matches [GET] “<no hostname>/path”


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