Hacking On Homebrew

I decided to work a little more independently on my ruby programming chops, and I wanted to be giving a little more back to the free software world, so I signed up for CodeTriage and picked Homebrew as the project I’ll look at. So far:

  • Code’s hosted on github, so that’s easy enough.
  • There’s a feature request against gist-logs that sounds simple enough to start with (https://github.com/Homebrew/legacy-homebrew/issues/44706), and it’s what codetriage recommended anyway.
  • It looks like cloning the remote repo and then just using the brew command in $HOMEBREW_DIR/bin/brew is enough that you can start hacking away on a local copy of the codebase.
  • I haven’t reached out to the devs on the google groups channel yet, but I’ll probably try that later today.
  • The dispatch chain when looking for a script is $HOMEBREW_DIR/bin/brew –> $HOMEBREW_DIR/Library/brew.sh –> $HOMEBREW_DIR/Library/brew.rb
  • rubocop fails the project on its own style guidelines (I think inappropriately, because most of the violations are in formulae not in core, but I’ll ask the dev team)

So, this is kind of fun!

Author: jamandbees

There's just this whole, like, wha? Out there in the world, y'know? The jam and the bees, please.

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