Why Oh Why Oh Why

I always keep this blog in the back of my mind, and I keep paying for it, but I’m never 100% sure why.

I went through a lot of blogging as a late-teen/early-twenties person. I may be trying to maintain the illusion of persistence of identity.

A piece of why I maintain this is so that employers have something to look at so they can know before an interview that I have some idea of what technical things actually are. “Oh, yeah, that person wrote a blog post about a terraform thingy, so they may have actually used it.”

But I sort of want to be a bit more than that sometimes. I want to document my own changing changes again. I’ve been writing a lot of that on paper, but it’d be cool to do it in text.

Honestly, I wonder if what I’m really trying to do is persuade myself to write my own blogging software, let myself get lost in building technical details to better express myself without having to go through the hassle of actually expressing myself.

Time to begin.

Author: jamandbees

There's just this whole, like, wha? Out there in the world, y'know? The jam and the bees, please.

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