Ideas Ideas Ideas.

Well, daily coding failed as a project. I don’t know whether it’s a discipline issue, or an interest issue, but trying to come up with artificial ways to keep progressing skill can be hard.


I’m updating my freebsd vm. I like keeping it around as a standard platform for writing ruby and for testing my code on. If it works on mac os, deploy to FreeBSD and verify it still works. If it does, yay! Whilst doing this, I’ve been trying to come up with a program-y project.

I have a couple of ideas that I’m batting around. Log parsing, message passing over a socket, having worker drones which report back to a central reporting facility. Solved problems, sure, but ones I’m interested in solving myself. Thinking about old problems that I want to re-solve, it hit me that I can write Conway’s game of life.

The rule set isn’t hard to implement, but I’d like to have a UI element too. This means either implementing a command line output with ncurses or whatever, or bringing up a window and drawing to it. Both of which seem very cool. I may even try both.

This seems like a good idea somehow.

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