conway update

I got half way into Conway and haven’t picked it back up yet. 

The first problem conceptually as that I was stuck thinking about coordinates and coordinates and how does a cell know it has a neighbour and coordinates and neighbours?!

The solution came to me while I was on the bus, going down a beautiful canyon. The cell is a class. It cares about how many neighbours it has, so that it knows whether it is alive, dead or unchanged. 

The world tracks the position of the cells. The information the cell needs is how many neighbours it has. Not its own position, not how big the world is.

I need to write  a world for my cells to live in. Then I’d like something to output graphical information to. I think an ncurses UI would be fine first.

I should upload this to github or something.



Author: jamandbees

There's just this whole, like, wha? Out there in the world, y'know? The jam and the bees, please.

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